At a high level, “Design for Conversion” is the deliberate, scientific process of maximizing a website’s ability of doing the following two things successfully:

1 Instill Trust

Online, first impressions matter even more. People have so much choice, they’ll leave immediately if your website takes too long to load or doesn’t immediately make them feel like they’re visit the digital home of a highly skilled, respected, accomplished service provider. Just like there is a science to project this in real life, there is science to how a website must go about it.

2 Compel Action

Today’s web users are savvy. They’ve seen thousands of high quality websites and one needn’t be a trained artist to know the difference between good and bad. In a sense, because we’re exposed to so much graphic and web design every day we’ve all become designers or sorts.

We all have an intuition and an immediate, almost instantaneous gut reaction to a site’s design.

Conversion design works to untangle the style and layout elements that gives visitors confidence and best practices that make it really simple and fast for these users to accept your invitation for an initial consultation.

We create premium websites for small law firms that help generate and convert leads into new business. Our pricing is transparent and flexible so that small firms can scale up or scale down their marketing spend over time based on their changing needs.