How Will This Help Your Law Firm?

Website visitors makes a instinctive judgement about your business within about 4 seconds. The two key questions that follow from this:

  • 1 How do I get visitors to quickly feel comfortable with me?
  • 2 After this, how do I maximize the chance they’ll contact me?

LAWFIRMLIFT’s Conversion-Based Design Process is focused on researching & implementing the solutions to these questions. The key components of our own, internal checklist are freely included below.

Websites that fail basic usability tests are quickly abandoned
-Forrester Insights

LAWFIRMLIFT Conversion Design Checklist

Usability Essentials

Usability is about making your website as easy-to-access as possible for all of your possible leads visiting on any type of device.

Fast Load Times

People won’t wait more than 2 seconds for your site to load. Get off unreliable shared hosting environments make sure your site’s frontend is compressed & optimized for speed!

Mobile Site

55% of your site visitors, or more, will see your website on their phones. Make viewing why they should trust you easy. Good mobile sites are proiritized in Google search results too. (Also known as “responsive design.”)

Error Free

Visible code errors? Broken images? These things happened but when left unchecked they trigger a lack of trust with both potential clients and search engines looking for ways to automatically rank businesses to refer people to.


Choose a font and logo and color scheme for your company and be consistent about it across all your marketing channels. Cohesiveness means you’re always building on top of previous investments made in a positive impression.


People skim. If visitors visit a confusing site without carefully-constructed, concise language, it’s not clear they’ll be confident to think the business will take more time and care in its dealings with them as a client.

Framing Identity

Quickly let your visitors know who you are and why you’re unique from your competitors.


What makes you unique? Your focus? Focusing your site visitors mind on what differentiates you in one sentence can be challenging but firms that do this effectively have a strong anchor to hang the rest of their site’s marketing copy on.

Mission Statement

Extend your tagline by outline in greater detail or in a bulleted list your mission statement. What if yor firm’s purpose? Purpose-drive organizations that live for more than revenue make a more immediate connection with leads.

Confidence Building

Reinforce that you consistently deliver on the promises made during the “framing” stage with the confidence-building elements below.

Accreditation Logos

Further back up the good work that you’ve done and show that you’re work has been recognized by 3rd parties, when appropriate.


Concise quotes from clients who have been satisfied both on your website and social media go a long way to legitzamizing your firm and bolstering your conversion funnel.

Case Studies

When appropriate, more specific copy on the specific results achieved for clients helps site visitors more clearly undertsand the ways in which you’ve fullfilled your promise to others.

Pictures of People

Humans process imagery, especially of faces 10x faster than text. And we remember faces 100x more effectively than text. Use high definition, professionally lit photographs of you and your staff to make a more immediate and long lasting connection with visitors.

Updated Copyright

Thorough web development firms will be able to program these things to update automatically on your site so you never have to worry about them expiring.


Adding an SSL certificated encrypts form-based communication on your site for potentially sensitive and confidential client-attorney correspondence.

Action Motivation

Seize on the confidence built by making it very easy for a site visitor to accept a clear invitation to reach out to your firm.

Mobile Contact Bar

Mobile visitors are 3x more likely to be ready to make a transaction decision in-the-moment and ensuring they have a quick way to do this every second of their time on your site allows them to do this easily.

Header & Footer Contacts

Give people the information they need to contact you in all the places they’d normally look regardless of teh device they’re on.

Free Offers

Especially in highly competitives spaces, providing some information free-of-charge can help your minimize the initial friction and entice visitors to take action right away.

Prominent Forms

Don’t make people search or think about how to contact you. Put forms right in front of them with an invitation for a no-risk way for them to quickly share the issue they’re having.


Because you can’t meet everyone, video gives you a scalable way to showcase your personality and put site visitors at ease, explaining how their life will be better when they work with your company.

Live Chat

Increasingly, people are choosing text and chat over voice and LiveChat now let’s you meet site visitors with the communication method they prefer.