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Why are your designs better?

We study and employ in our sites all the latest in user interface and engagement science from industry experts like Jakob Nielsen and include these important ideas in all our designs.

Why do your sites load faster than other sites?

Our sites are faster because of the types of servers we use to host them and the quality of the code behind your sites. More info:  1) Code:  They are custom-built specifically to meet the needs of law firms so the code is written just to include the needed functionality, nothing else. Many other companies offer sites constructed on CMS frameworks that include a lot of extra code and unnecessary stuff that can negatively impact performance. 2) Servers: Our sites are hosted on top-of-the-line, high performance servers specifically tuned to host our sites and deliver them quickly. Additionally, the code and resources for your site is delivered to something called a “Content Delivery Network”, a secure global network of server that quickly helps companies deliver their web resources to site visitors quickly whether a visitor is in New York or New Delhi.

Can I make updates myself?

Yes. You will have the ability to log in and make edits to your site anytime you want — menu items, information pages, specialities, contact information, blog posts. You have control over every part of your site. We have tutorials and videos available. And of course, we’re here to help answer questions anytime.

Can you make updates for me?

Yes, just send us an email and we’ll take care of it (no extra charge). We can make most routine updates for you within 1-2 business days.

Setup and Launch

What’s included in the Setup Service?

Our setup service includes everything needed to get your site launched and looking great. We’ll add your logo, your photos, connect social media accounts, and add any other key information to get you going.

How long will it take to create my website?

We’ll have your site ready in three to five business days.

How are you able to produce sites so much faster than anyone else?

Yes. Because we focus our time just on the needs of small law firms, we’re able to deliver higher quality sites to solve your problems much faster than a traditional, general purpose web design and development firm. This efficiency also helps us keep our prices so low.

I have my own domain name. Can I use that?

When you sign up, we’ll give you a temporary domain, like Then once we have your new site all setup and ready to go live, we’ll connect your domain so that’s what customers see (they won’t see

I don’t have a domain name yet. Can I get one through Law Firm Lift?

We don’t provide domain names, but we recommend you purchase one from  They run about $12 per year. If you already purchased a domain elsewhere, that’s totally fine. We can map a domain to point to us from an domain name registrar.

Can I use my current web host?

Law Firm Lift is a hosted service, with web hosting included. So you won’t need to pay for your own hosting after you launch your site with Law Firm Lift.

What information will I need to supply?

Our set-up wizard will ask you to fill out some information about your firm, contact information, legal specialities and personnel. We’ll also follow up with you for additional details.


Will you optimize my website for mobile?

Yes. Your website is optimized for mobile devices like smart phones and tablets. So no matter where your customers are, and no matter which brand of smartphone they own, they can easily find your firm, view your website, read about why you’re the best choice for their needs and contact you.

How will you help my website rank higher on search engines and Google?

We make sure your website is built using all of today’s industry best practices for Search Engine Optimization (SEO). That means we give you the best possible chance to rank highly in Google. We’ll optimize the keywords on your site, as well as integrate your Google+ My Business listing. We’ll add Google Analytics account to your site, so you can easily track how much traffic you’re getting (and more).

Who are your normal clients?

Small firms of up to 20 attorneys.

I am from a larger firm, can you still help me?

Yes. Please contact us to discuss this directly.

Why is it so important to have a mobile compatible site?
How are your sites more secure than others?

We partner with the most advanced security companies in the country. These companies block threats before they get to our servers. We also go to great pains to make sure all our code is secure and our software is updated. We take care of all this work for you so you don’t have to.  We also back up your sites files and data three times a day!

Explain why more people will come to my site if built and host with Law Firm Firm?

We’re completely focused on just serving small law firms and our sites are completely optimized for this purpose — built in search engine optimization and designs that have been tested over time to yield more engagement and convert site visitors into new clients.


Do you offer additional custom services like logo, print design and email marketing?

We work with a number of talented designers and can help you with a great branding package for you firm. Please contact us about this for more information.

Site Support and Maintenance

Do I really get unlimited software updates?

Yes, we manage and update your website and its content management system and all other software powering your new site for you. You never have to worry about updates or site management. This way you can just focus on being a lawyer and leave all the technical stuff to us!

What about design updates? Do I really get unlimited design updates?

Premium members can also have access to unlimited site design changes as we roll out additional layouts.

Pricing, Billing and Savings

How much will I save with Law Firm Lift?

Here is a chart comparing Law Firm Lift vs. a traditional freelance web designer or design firm.

Do you have set contracts?

No, cancel at anytime. It’s no hassle.

Do your offer a money-back guarantee?

We offer your first 30 days for free. If you’re not satisfied, you pay nothing. After that you only pay a monthly hosting and maintenance fee to use our product and may cancel at any time. No contracts. No obligations.

How much does it cost?

Pricing for Law Firm Lift is broken into two steps: The initial cost of setting up your new website and the ongoing cost for hosting and support.

You’ll find that with Law Firm Lift, both of these costs are a fraction of what you’d pay a local web designer or firm. Plus, you receive professional quality and personalized support at Law Firm Lift, which you often won’t find elsewhere.

What’s included in the monthly fee?

The monthly service includes your web hosting, and access to all of the features built into your site. It also includes our customer support, which is what our customers really love about our us. We’re here to help however we can.

You’ll have the ability to log in and make edits to your site anytime you want. But if you get too busy, we can make routine updates for you, for example, updating your contact information or adding a new photo — that’s included in our service.

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